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Award ceremony at Phoenix peace dojo (Belgium)

Last Tuesday I had the honor to present the Peace Dojo certificate to Ali Matar, dojo responsible for the Phoenix Aiki Dojo. This ceremony began by a little class and was followed by a demonstration. It was really exciting to see the progress of the participants who were taking this demonstration in a very formal way. ...

Happy New Year to all Peace dojos in the world

Let’s make this new year a year with more peace and better dialogue There are still plenty of potential peace dojos in the world. Let’s detect them and welcome them in our network!

Peace Dojo project in a Belgium Red Cross refugee center

Wonderful aikido session for the Red-Cross center for refugees in Belgium. Physical practice is a wonderful way to connect and when you add the aikido ethics you touch each participant profoundly. This place could become the next Peace Dojo in our international network

50 ans déjà: un homme, un exemple

Martn Luther King
Il est des personnes qui sont des exemples, des personnes qui nous guident, qui nous inspirent. Martin Luther King a fléchi le cours de l’histoire en donnant toute sa puissance à la non-violence. Il y a 50 ans, disparaissait un symbole qui était convaincu qu’il était possible de changer les choses par une forme de désobéissance civile ...

Peace-making requires spiritual development

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