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“A Way to Reconcile the World…” Aikido Story Book Now Available!

By   July 17, 2014

The big day has finally arrived and I have just given approval for the story book to be  available for purchase.  It has taken 2 years to put this together and obviously without your help and support as a story teller, it wouldn’t have happened…. This is a book to inspire and motivate all students and illustrates better than anything why studying aikido and taking on board the underlying principals will help to  reconcile the world.I went down the self publication route on a print-on-demand basis.  Initially I have done the book as a paperback only as I believe that most people like their aikido books to be in paper, but if there is an outcry, I will make sure that an epub version becomes available.  One aspect of this decision is that I couldn’t distribute the book  in e-book format without using the likes of Amazon who demand 55% of the book price, a huge amount to give up, when I’m on a fund raising mission.  I can make the book available to people as a .pdf, though without the cover, if people want that.

If you are in the UK, life is simple, you can order the book via me and I can arrange for the book to be delivered to your door and sort out payment with you. This way the book proceeds all go to Aiki Extensions, less the cost of printing.   If you are based in the United States, then I hope to arrange for Aiki Extensions to be able to collect your dollars and again have the book sent to your door and to again keep maximum proceeds going to AE.  Right now it’s not so simple if a buyer is  based in Europe or Australia, but if that’s you or you know of someone who wants the book and would oblige me by not buying it via Amazon or whatever outlets take the book up, then get in touch.  If you happen to be joining me at the European Aiki Extensions seminar, July 4-6, copies will be available there.

I’ll keep you all posted on book sales and what you have helped me raise by way of funds as time goes on.  If you can promote the book yourselves then that would be wonderful.  I will create a Facebook page and quite possibly a website.

I offer again my sincere thanks  to you all for sharing your tales and for the wonderful friendships that have grown out of this book and to a good number of you (you know who you are) who have supported this project in all sorts of ways.

Yours in aiki and with a heart full of joy, Quentin Cooke