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Applying to become a Peace Dojo

By   November 3, 2017

Applying to become a Peace Dojo

The Center for Movement Arts/Shamokin Aikido Kai (TCMA) recently undertook the process of applying for recognition as a Peace Dojo through the Peace Dojo International Organization (PDI). The process involved creating a document/ letter of introduction explaining the work/practice at TCMA to board members of PDI .

I initially modeled our introductory letter on the letter from our sponsor, Christian VanHenten and his Dojo in Namur, Belgium. As I collected information and products for my portfolio, I discovered a more dynamic and advanced platform used by teachers, photographers, and artists of various disciplines called an eportfolio.

The eportfolio is a private electronic space where you can create, collect, reflect on, organize, and, if you choose, share your work and experiences with others and solicit feedback. Your ePortfolio can include a variety of file types, including text documents, audio, videos, images, and webpages.” (University of Waterloo, CA)(link). A search of the internet will provide a variety of academic sites and examples.

There are any number of FREE website building platforms for this purpose. I located a FREE website builder called WEEBLY. This site provide templates for completing and publishing my project. You can view the final product here:

As PDI expands it’s membership and invites other organizations to join in its mission, utilizing the technology provided in an eportfolio might help to facilitate the process. Additionally, it will surely save a lot of trees.

Le Kimochi aikido dojo de Namur (Belgique): dojo de paix

By   November 3, 2017

10012294_10203431456007644_93017105_oL’Aikido dojo Kimochi certifié “Dojo de Paix”, une reconnaissance du travail fourni pour un aïkido vecteur de paix, de respect et de bienveillance.

Le Kimochi est engagé dans la Semaine Internationale Aiki pour la Paix depuis 2010 et l’enseignement qui y est prodigué vise à faire le lien entre pratique aiki et attitude bienveillante au quotidien.

Le site du Kimochi :

Somatic Practices For Embodying Nonviolent Communication with David Weinstock

By   November 2, 2017

When you get stressed do you feel your ability to interact skillfully with others becomes blocked and you slip into old reactive patterns?

Somatic Practices are powerful tools to help you use your senses to access the sources of your unconscious patterns where they are stored in your body.

When you become aware of the patterns you hold in your body your Nonviolent Communication (NVC) skills are sharper, you feel more centered, and you realize the value of … coming to your senses!

In just a few weeks I will be leading a three-session course built around combining the valuable techniques of Somatic Practices with NVC:

Somatic Practices For Embodying Nonviolent Communication

Mondays, December 4th – 18th, 4:00 – 6:00pm Pacific (California) Time

Feeling intrigued?

Here’s some of what you can expect from the course:

  • Deepen your capacity to listen and speak your truth
  • Become more conscious of what you communicate beyond words
  • Learn to notice your deeply embedded core strategies
  • Develop your ability to self-organize and self-motivate
  • Manage feelings and harmonize conflict


If you would like to feel more comfortable and effective as you face the inevitable stresses of life, love and learning, please register soon so you can join me in just one week for Somatic Practices For Embodying Nonviolent Communication!


David Weinstock