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Definition of a Peace dojo

  • A Peace Dojo is a martial art school(note1) in which martial practice is explicitly oriented towards teaching skills of compassionate conflict engagement and peacemaking.
  • Martial practice is uniquely valuable for practicing peace. A normal response to an attack is fear and anger, and PDI teaches skills for receiving attacks in compassionate and harmonious ways.
  • In addition to the martial art practice, a Peace Dojo may incorporate: non-martial art practices which teach physical and verbal peace skills; and/or outreach peacemaking projects in the greater community; and/or intellectual studies of conflict and conflict resolution.
  • Peace Dojos began with the application of Aikido principles in situations outside combative practice and has since expanded to enthusiastically welcome all traditions of martial arts peacemaking.


(1) school: understand here a place where a practice is teached.It can be as simple as a few mats in a classroom.

Our mission: Promoting Peace Thru The Martial Arts

Peace Dojo International’s mission is to organize and support a global network of martial art schools, instructors, and students committed to training in and providing programs and resources for personal, community, and international peace building.

Peace Dojo life cycle

A peace dojo is a living place. It is not a certificate you receive to hang on a wall and that’s it.

It is a place where something happen, people practice, people share and communicate.

The schema below gives you an idea of what we call the “Peace Dojo Life Cycle” (PDLC).
You can see that when you become a peace dojo, you have to report your activities so that we know that you are still an active dojo. If not, you will be place in “dormant state”” or declared “former peace dojo”.

It can happen that a dojo is interrupting its activities for a few months or years. Then, as soon as you get back on your mat, you turn back as a “peace dojo”.

This PDLF try to nurture an active network of dojos.    Send article as PDF   

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  1. Bill Leicht

    The wording of the PEACE DOJO DEFINITION is close but not exact. Ross has the latest wording and can edit it.

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