The Peace Dojo Life Cycle

0) Start of the process

You own a dojo, you are proposing peace activities and you discover Peace dojo International.
You’d like your dojo to become a Peace dojo

Just take contact with a Peace Dojo International member (here a link to contact us)

1) A dojo applies to become a [Candidate] PDI

As you are already doing peace activity, or at least it is clearly in yours intentions to do it .
The PD member will ask you to present your project, send a document,… so that he(she) can confirm you are to become a PD.

As soon as he has enough information, the PD member can declare you as “Peace dojo Candidate”

2) Dojo is accepted as candidate PDI

You prepare the application form to become a peace dojo

You organize a special event by inviting a peace dojo member or equivalent.
You discover the benefits of being part of PDI network

As your dojo information is sent to PDI committee and published on our website, the committee gathers and decides collegially to accept your dojo as a peace dojo.

You will receive a PDI certificate.

If the committee needs more info, you will be asked to complete your information.

3) Peace Dojo has to be active or become an inactive peace dojo

It is important to participate to the network of peace dojo and report your activities

If not (if you do not report a special activitiy, publish a paper, or..), you become an inactive dojo


What kind of dojo can apply for Peace dojo ?