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Aiki Somatics at Watershed Center

By   February 3, 2017

Dr. Linden Pushes StudentBody-Based Conflict Transformation Workshop” 3-5 March 2017 at the Watershed Center (Millerton, NY 12546) will introduce Paul Linden‘s somatic exercises for self-regulation under stress to community activists and peace builders (as well as martial artists). To clarify his purpose Paul, Ss. paraphrases Dr. King’s motto, “Love without Power is weakness; Power without Love is brutality.” Through perceptual, physical, verbal and imaginative experiences participants learn how to take charge of their challenges gently, powerfully and lovingly. Continue reading »

Aiki/AVP Miniworkshop, 30 May 2016

By   April 6, 2016

FRIENDS, AIKIDOKA, Milton Román and I will present “Aiki/AVP Miniworkshop” (3½hr) at the Alternatives to Violence Project National Gathering in Denver (on 30 May 2016. We hope that the pxIKyMini WPC 13J22 DrpBox 12many international facilitators there will include more somatic exercises in their workshops, perhaps even become I-Key Facilitators with Urban Visions, Inc.!