Ross Robertson

  • I do my best to stay aware of current events. I try to observe the flood of horror and sadness without allowing myself to become infected with it. This is an ongoing personal practice and discipline.

    I engage in discussions with anyone I can where cogent dialog is possible, and I try not to force it when it is not.

    Talk is not action, nor…[Read more]

  • Seismic upheaval is currently emanating from parts of the world normally associated with stability. Tectonic fractures and aftershocks are rippling from Europe and North America in ways that make all other parts […]

  • The Atom Bomb, by R.A. Robertson

    “I’m a citizen of the country that developed The Bomb. It’s my country that first deployed the technology, and first to use it against other human beings. We also hold the […]

  • Last night I was attending one of my tech meetups, the Austin Interactive Installation Meetup group. A guest presenter by the name of Jakes Srinivasan, CEO of WorldBeatOnline gave a talk on his work in staging an […]

  • Interesting article on Michael Shermer’s ideas for why scientific thinking can create better societies:

    Can science and its fictional inspirations lead us toward a more peaceful coexistence?